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Building your own GPU-Powered Machine Learning Server Part 3 – Nvidia-Docker and Dockerfile

Why Docker? Docker is what I learned to use early on in my Dat-Sci journey.  I’ve compared it to conda and virtualenv (apples to oranges) and find the advantages worth the learning curve. Use QUALITY pre-made images Completely isolate your images and volumes from your local environment Get a conda equipped, scikit notebook running in 5 min flat. DockerHub […]

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Building Your Own GPU-Powered Machine Learning Server Part 2. Ubuntu and Nvidia

Why Ubuntu and Nvidia? Ubuntu – You need a linux distro to run nvidia-docker in order to build and launch GPU based docker images like Keras and Tensorflow-GPU.  At the time of this writing, OSx and Windows are NOT supported by nvidia-docker. Nvidia – Nvidia’s CUDA and cuDNN are fundamental in many Neural Net libraries like TensorFlow-GPU and PyTorch. Docker* – Docker is awesome.  I can’t […]

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