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Building your own GPU-Powered Machine Learning Server Part 3 – Nvidia-Docker and Dockerfile

Why Docker? Docker is what I learned to use early on in my Dat-Sci journey.  I’ve compared it to conda and virtualenv (apples to oranges) and find the advantages worth the learning curve. Use QUALITY pre-made images Completely isolate your images and volumes from your local environment Get a conda equipped, scikit notebook running in 5 min flat. DockerHub […]

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Building Your Own GPU-Powered Machine Learning Server Part 2. Ubuntu and Nvidia

Why Ubuntu and Nvidia? Ubuntu – You need a linux distro to run nvidia-docker in order to build and launch GPU based docker images like Keras and Tensorflow-GPU.  At the time of this writing, OSx and Windows are NOT supported by nvidia-docker. Nvidia – Nvidia’s CUDA and cuDNN are fundamental in many Neural Net libraries like TensorFlow-GPU and PyTorch. Docker* – Docker is awesome.  I can’t […]

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Politiclimate 2.0

Politiclimate 1.0 Originally I was training my model on 1.4 million tweets gathered from the 25 most liberal and 25 most conservative urban counties filtered only by the location of the tweet.  After training on the the collections of tweets, my models could predict whether a county was conservative or liberal based on a new […]

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